Open Ended Leases (TRAC Lease)


Open Ended Leases (TRAC Lease)

The open end finance lease provides the flexibility and economics of ownership. Open end leases have a 12 month minimum term and no mileage restrictions. The lessee determines the depreciation rate on each vehicle which leaves them responsible for any gain or loss from the sale of the vehicle at the termination of the lease. Under this type of lease, vehicles are generally replaced based on mileage rather than a set term. Most companies who lease vehicles for their sales and service fleets use this type of lease.

it is very evident that everyone at Velcor® strives to provide top notch customer service.

I have had the pleasure of working with many of the employees, each are very friendly and eager to assist in any way possible.

I am on the website almost daily and I find that it is very user friendly. I particularly like the new dashboard as it provides an overview of our fleet as a whole, and also a more in depth look at specific information, which is extremely helpful for reporting purposes.

-MariBeth Dahl, Fleet Liaison
Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co.

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